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Koczy offers precision woodworking services.

Our core offer encompasses wooden trophy shields and other wooden accessories for hunters.

We also cooperate with other industries, such as:

Among our other services there are: CNC milling, turning, 4-sided planer machining and many others.

We have over 30 year's experience. As we use this asset, we strive to thoroughly assess the challenges our customers share with us, advise and make fair offers.

Thanks to our comprehensive machinery range with such pieces of equipment as: frame saw, dryer, 4-sided planer, CNC machining centres and turning lathe, we can offer a wide spectrum of services for various customers. The machinery is also the key element allowing us to adjust and modify our offer to meet the needs of our customers and keep abreast with changing market trends.

Our personnel are made up by talented and competent workers who contribute greatly to our success through their thorough work.

In the spirit of responsible natural resources management, we procure our raw materials from certified suppliers only (FSC/PEFC certificates).

By skilfully merging these traits, we can offer products of the highest quality, recognised both at home and in the European Union.

For many years we have been doing our best so that our customers were satisfied with our products and had no doubt when recommending us.

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